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5 Reasons to use Ear Prosthetics

Prosthetics are commonly thought of as legs and arms used when a person has lost one of these limbs. However, prosthesis now includes a number of other limbs and parts, including ear prosthetics. While reconstructive ear surgery was once the only available option for a person suffering ear damage, times have changed and Prosthetics now offers a secondary option that many prefer. Here are five perks of using prosthetics versus reconstructive surgery.

  1. Cost

The cost of surgery is well into the thousands. Some insurance providers cover these costs while others do not. Either way you can expect a big chunk of change to come out of your pocket for the costs of surgery. Ear prosthetics are a small fraction of the cost.

  1. Less Down Time

Any time you go under the knife you are going to need at least minimal amount of time to recover. The same is true with reconstructive surgery. However, the time needed to recover after prosthetics is minimal so there is less worry.

  1. Less Risk

You are also taking minimal risks when you have surgery. Those risks are eliminated when you choose the secondary option instead. Are you ready to reduce the risks in your life?

  1. Better Results

No matter what kind of ear damage you have suffered, prosthetics work to provide you with something new and great and it looks better than surgery could ever think to offer to you.

  1. No Scars

Reconstructive surgery usually causes you to suffer from scars. On your ears the scars can be very visible and sometimes embarrassing. When you use the ear prosthetics, that is one thing less that you have to worry about.

As you can plainly see, there are many advantages that you gain when choosing ear prosthetics versus reconstructive surgery.